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Lewis and Clark's Idaho Plants

Many of the plants shown on these web pages were first collected by Lewis and Clark (chiefly by Meriwether Lewis) in the mountains of present day Idaho and in adjoining states. More than a few of them were unknown to science until the expedition's dried specimens were returned in 1806. The Lewis and Clark plants listed below are all ones that are found in Idaho (regardless of where Lewis and Clark found their specimens).* 

A complete and detailed list of all of the specimens that the explorers collected--with illustrations of most --may be found on line at http://www.life.umd.edu/emeritus/reveal/pbio/LnC/LnCpublic.html. A visit to this site is recommended for anyone with an interest in the botany of the Lewis and Clark expedition.

*We have as yet been unable to find several species of Idaho plants that the explorers collected: Lewisia triphylla (three-leaved lewisia), Lomatium cous (cous), Trillium petiolatum (purple trillium), and two clovers. We have also omitted trees and species of grass from this list.

Lewis and Clark plants included on this web site:

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