Idaho Mountain Wildflowers: A Photographic Compendium 2d edition

A. Scott Earle with Jane Lundin; James L. Reveal, Consulting Editor

Larkspur Books 2008, 256 pages, 8 1/2" x  8 1/2", soft-cover, index

Idaho Mountain Wildflowers has been expanded; 225 more species of wildflowers native to the mountains of Idaho (and neighboring states) have been added, with defining images. . On the basis of recent historical, molecular and chromosomal studies, many of our plants have been reclassified. This edition stresses the new classifications (while noting the older ones). In response to continued requests, this edition is in a sturdy, soft-cover format for easier referral in the field.  

Second Edition  (Out of Print )

Idaho Mountain Wildflowers: A Photographic Compendium, Third edition  

A. Scott Earle  & Jane Lundin

Larkspur Books 2012, 244 pages, 8 1/2 x 8 1/2", soft cover, index

The third edition of Idaho Mountain Wildflowers expands on the previous edition. One hundred photographs have been added, bringing the number of wildflowers to nearly 500 species. More high elevations wildflowers, ones unique to Idaho's panhandle and a selection of images showing some of the states unusual plants have been included. The selection of images is now so extensive that it is unlikely that you  will encounter species, either native or imported, that are not described here. A minor  revision of the book's format allows us to a hold the price at $19 .95.

Estimated date of publication 1 September, 2012

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265 Images of Northern Rocky Mountain Wildflowers

Our sturdy folder, shown above, is protected with a heavy plastic laminate measures 4" x 9". The folder contains 265 images of northern Rocky Mountain wildflowers. Each is is large enough (1 1/2" x 2") to show clearly images of mountain wildflowers  found in the ranges that make up the American portion of the Northern Rocly Mountains (an ares extending roughly from the Snake River to the south, north to the Canadian border.)

$8.95 postpaid

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Lewis and Clark's Green World: The Expedition and its Plants

A. Scott Earle and James L. Reveal, Farcountry Press 2003, 244 pages, 9" x 9", hardcover

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark collected more than three hundred plant specimens and described many more in their journals. Lewis and Clark's Green World follows the Corps of Discovery's trail from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean and back. The expedition's story is told along with detailed descriptions and color illustrations of the plants that Lewis and Clark collected. The authors consider the significance of the various plants to the expedition and to Native Americans, as well as their importance today. The fate of the expedition's specimens is an intriguing story, narrated in depth. Hardcover.  

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Idaho Mountain Wildflowers: A Photographic Compendium 1st Edition

A. Scott Earle, Larkspur Books 2001, 224 pages, 9" x  9", hardcover, index.

A beautiful hardcover book that includes over 300 color images of wildflowers native to the mountains of Idaho. The illustrations are accompanied by a description of each flower, its family, growth habits, history,  the derivation of common and scientific names, and notes on economic and medicinal uses. A final, "how to do it," chapter is devoted to wildflower photography. Here is sts and for those who hike and climb in our mountains. A few copies left. 

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